This compact table has 4 modes

Smart Function 1

You can adjust the fence by as little as 0.1mm by offsetting the in-feed fence, using the jointer mode.
Using a diagonal sliding fence, it works using a 10:1 ratio.
If you slide the fence by 5mm, it adjusts the depth by only 0.5mm in the direction of the arrow.

Smart Function 2

When using the thickness mode, you can move the fence with the lever.
It works using a 10:1 ratio. If you move the lever 5mm, the fence will move 0.5mm in or out.

Smart Function 3

It’s very fast and easy to change the height of the bit with the handle.
You can adjust the height by 30mm.

There is also a height adjustment screw for more precise movements.

Smart Function 4

It is designed to fit in different places and is easy to set up.
The clamp is designed for setting up on a table.
You can set it up on your workbench with a maximum thickness of 50mm.
It is a compact size, so it’s convenient to store and is very portable.

Smart Function 5

Center Ring
There are 3 options for the center ring, depending on your bit size. You can use no ring for large bits, or use one of the 2 included rings for medium and small sized bits.
You can store the center rings in the ring holder under the table, when not being used.

Smart Function 6

Dust port
It has a dust collection port, so you can collect sawdust easily.
The outside diameter is 48.5mm. The inside diameter is 44.5mm.