First, attach the adjustable fence to your workbench or material.
Choose from one of 3 levels of clamping strength, for your situation.
Once you fixed the fence tightly to the workpiece, you can make fine adjustment by 0.1mm accuracy.

How is it possible? How can you adjust with 0.1 mm accuracy by visual manipulation?

The secret lies in the integrated mechanism that allows 10:1 parallel movement. Sliding the fence 10mm forward or backward moves the fence just 1mm to the right or left. So, if you slide the fence 1mm forward, you can move the fence to the right by 0.1 mm. Convenience, precision and ease, all in 1 tool.

Smart Function 1

As a guide fence for a router.

Smart Function 2

As a guide fence for a circular saw.

Smart Function 3

When making the male side of a sliding Dovetail joint, you can ensure a correct snug fit, by micro adjusting the fence to your needs.

Smart Function 4

You can use the adjustable fence to cut the groove for the OTORO Dovetail Miter Slot Bar. You can check the sizing as you are cutting the groove and make micro adjustments as needed.

Smart Function 5

You can attach it to a router table for micro adjusting your material to the perfect cut.