THE OTORO DESIGN INC. is a company that was founded in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is a prefecture that is known for green tea and has the world-famous Mt. Fuji.

Here, we are blessed with a natural environment. Many craftsmen have created a variety of works pursuing their own originality, using various well-known tools. However, this didn`t come without some frustration with conventional tools. So, we thought, "Why don't we design, develop and manufacture tools on our own? We could create them ourselves from the viewpoint of craftsmen and bring them to the world!”
We aim to help the craftsmen of the world, who have the same dissatisfaction as we did. If we can help craftsmen solve their problems by letting them use our creations, providing new influential tools, then we can inspire them to finish their own works. So, here we are. A company full of craftsman spirit!


One of the foods introduced to the world from Japan is sushi.
Of all the sushi items, "OTORO" is known as one of the finest and best parts of tuna.
Our city, located in Shizuoka Prefecture that boasts Mt.Fuji, is also famous for tuna, with its top landing volume in Japan. We named our brand after "OTORO", so that it will form "the best part" of tools, as another "OTORO", coming from Japan, with the Japanese way.